There is no chemistry involved, only physics.

Dscale Heavy Duty Electromagnetic Water Conditioners are manufactured in Pune, Maharashtra. This company has the scientific and technical team at the leading age of world electromagnetic technology.
Dscale water samples are tested by water specialists with many years experience treating rural and industrial water problems. Dscale Heavy Duty Electromagnetic Water Conditioner are most useful for domestic agriculture and industries.
Our electromagnetic water conditioner focus a very intense electromagnetic field through the pipe wall into the water to be treated.
The very strong and intense electromagnetic field within the conditioner causes the water molecules to change. The electromagnetic field interferes with the ionic charges of the mineral ions (salts) in the water, which makes them not behave like the same salts any more. This change results in the water acting “softer”. The minerals contained in the water lose their ability to bond (bond ionically). Calcium and magnesium no longer set like cement, and sodium (and other elements and salts) lose their ability to bind to the soil particles. So Dscale Heavy Duty Electromagnetic Water Conditioners are ultimate solutions when you are using water from underground and delta water sources.
This technology is using and working since last 17 years in the Australia country very successfully. They got good results and many approval tests like from NASA and so many feedback from happy customers. The brand name is Growflow Magwrap water conditioner (Patents in Australia).
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Dscale Heavy Duty Electromagnetic Water Conditioner

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